Endigar 258

How would an individual cell in my body concieve of me?  If that individual cell did concieve of me, how would it make contact with me?  How would I hear it?  Could my self-awareness ever expand to recognized the pleading voices of those microscopic universes that swirl daily within my being? Would my day be a thousand years to them?

When we humans interact, when we come to agreement, comune and connect, does our group conscieness constitute another living being?  Is this why military tradition recognizes the American Flag as a living being, and military personnel are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect it?  Is this why, those who come into recovery and cannot connect with a “God of their understanding,”  can find something more powerful than themselves through the group?  Something that goes far beyond “herd instinct?”

Is the concept of God our intuitive recognition that the infinite universe has a self-awareness of its own?  Is it communicating with the swirling galaxies within its Being?  And have we muddled up the pursuit to connect with this Being by the need to control one another?  Have we clothed the infinite one in finite human institutions such as monarchy, submission to a master, human systems of justice…so on and so on, so that we turn human beings into cogs in a machine? 

When I become sick, I take it as a signal from the universe to slow down and look around.  Listen.  Attempt to connect.  Be aware of yourself.  It is about time for me to step back into my interactive reality, now that the fever has passed.  But before I do, I am going to head out to Oak Mountain, and hear the trees and water.  They are powerful messangers to those who slow down enough to listen.  I am going to crawl through this day, listening.

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