Endigar 223

I am going to stay around for a while.  I am finally getting restarted on my 4th step.

I was at 46.4% complete on column 4 of my resentments in Endigar 216.  I will pick-up from there.

It is 6:49am and I am now at 47.8%.

7:07am and 49.3%

7:35am and 50.7%

I stopped and went to an 8am meeting, The Buster Group, named for the Irish Pub that allowed AA to have a meeting there.  They torn down Buster’s Irish Pub, but the AA group that bares that name continues own…in another bar called Attitudes.  I love this meeting.  I am comfortable there.  The topic was on all or nothing thinking.  Some of the things that stayed with me are the following:

“When I get caught up in all or nothing thinking, I have more nothing than all.  I get overwhelmed with life and just give up.”

“When I first came into these rooms, I was a  rope pusher and a cat herder.  I wanted to fix everything.  I had to learn how to take it easy.”

For me, I know that I have to be devoted to the work, the process involved in my spiritual development.  But I surrender the results of that activity to a power greater than myself, with supreme confidence that the Higher Power is truly interested in seeing me unfold and become the contribution to the stream of life that I was meant to be.  Now back to work.

9:59 am and 52.2%.

10:20 am and I just added another resentment, worked the first 3 colums on it, and now I am at 51.4%.

10:30 am and I added yet another resentment, worked the first 3 colums on it, and now I am at 50.7%

10:40 am and 52%.  I am finished with the third of my three major resentments – religion.

11:25 am and 53.5%.

5:37 PM – 54.9%

5:52 PM – 56.3%

6:10 PM – 57.7%

6:22 PM – 59.2%

6:36 PM – 60.6%

6:45 PM – 62%

6:55 PM – 63.4%

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