Endigar 155

My alternative lifestyle has helped keep me from being sucked back into the religious box.  I have experienced both redemption and freedom, when I thought at one time that was a mutually exclusive proposition.  I remember being in church and hearing about the 12 step program.  I saw it as a bridge from a generalized spirituality to the true and specific spiritual life of Christianity.  But now that I have experienced the life and death scenario of alcoholism, I have seen the 12 steps as a bridge back to sanity.  And it was a bridge the church was never able to offer me.   My pain was met with concepts of repression and denial while I sat alone in a congregation.  It was the best they had to offer.

I hope that now I may become useful in a way I only dreamed about when I was more socially homogenized.  For someone, somewhere, the church is still a viable solution.  But we shouldn’t be kept so separated from one another that we are always looking to build bridges to the “correct destination.”  If we learn to fly, we can have it all.  We are the destination.

May your own personal mythology be fertilized with the magic of a childlike faith, unfettered by fear, recognizing no boundaries.  Its what I want for myself too.

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