Endigar 147

Can this God of my sobriety be the God of my life?  Can the usefulness I find in sponsorship and service translate into a fulfilled purpose in life?  I feel like a little child who has pushed the doors open on the temple of my personal mythology.  I am excited, and unsure.  I step carefully inside, periodically looking back to see if the doors are going to trap me.  But so what!  This is my temple, for the God of my understanding!  There are treasures in here, I am sure of it.  I am surrounded by eight mirrors.  The images are different perspectives of me.  Once I stand in the center and each mirror holds a reflection, an energy fills the room.  It touches each of them and the two dimensional echos of my life become three dimensional images of interactive power.  In the union between myself and this Higher Power, they gain life.  Can this magic move beyond the mirrors?  I think it may be possible.


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