Endigar 124

My beautiful young daughter came home yesterday.  I really love being with my children.  She said a few things that challenged my parental courage.  We talked intensely and then I spent some time with the Higher Power.  Parental fears are worse than any Saw movie, and can turn grown men into blithering apes.  Having a daughter as beautiful as mine and being a man well familiar with the impact of lust on the male psyche creates a playground for horror scenarios.  I spoke to her of vigilance and keeping her brain engaged and my spider senses tingling about a particular guy that she she likes as a friend only.  When I went to the meeting and connected with the recovery social mind once more, I could see past the fear, and see the strong and intelligent young lady who still loves her father, and is willing to listen. 

So she and I sat down and watched the movie “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” together.  I had been putting it off for fear that my hopes and expectations for the movie would be disappointed.  This is the same reason I have not been able to watch the newest Indiana Jones movie.  The very first one was a source of spiritual ecstasy, and this last one has a link to Edgar Cayce via the crystal skull phenomenon who was instrumental in re-opening me to the prospect of intuitive contact with my Higher Power.  Actually, I attempted to emulate his methods for my own personal meditation.

The Seagull movie was powerful.  No disappointment.  She wants to bring it home for her brother to see.  Today I was able to chose courage and inspiration over fear and repression working the principals of this program. 

I may take a risk on the Crystal Skull movie today.


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