Endigar 116

I have just had one of the most fantastic Halloween’s of my adult life!  The spiritual path this program has opened for me has allowed me to be with my slave and enjoy life.  I would have been afraid of personal insincerity for using the word, “happy” when talking about my life last year.  But there truly is no other way to describe our time together during this special day.  My gratitude for this program is beyond words.  And living this life in the divine We is important to my daily life.  That means that it is relevant to my walking reality.  The Higher Power does not try to beat me down into a state of submission.  This Entity becomes what I need it to be at the time, which includes providing leadership.  But it never rules without consent.  I believe our concept of a divine monarch is a limited and corrupted view of the central intelligence, the spider of the universal web.  Anyway, my personal mythology is unimportant.  I just wanted anyone who may be getting started in recovery, wondering if life gets better to know that from my viewpoint, from where I stand, it gets better then any of my days drunk, and a lot better than any of my days under religious appeasement.  I am telling the truth.

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