Endigar 89

Under intuitive inspiration I forged out a 3rd step prayer that I could honestly offer to the Higher Power, and still be true to myself.  I had to paraphrase what was in the book, because the book’s version was too religious for me.  My paraphrase ended with the phrase, “Thank-you for one more apple to eat, a bite at a time.”  I really found that curious, sense I am not much of an apple eater.  I like them.  Just don’t seek them out that often. 

I was watching the movie “Phenomena” with John Travolta a few days ago.  John was trying to comfort a couple of children about his upcoming death.  He had an apple in his hand and after taking a bite said that if he dropped that apple on the ground, it would rot, waste away.  Something of the sort.  Then he said that if you took a bite of the apple, it becomes apart of you.  He encouraged them to take a bite.  The little girl did so.  But the little boy could not release his hurt at the thought of losing someone again.  Then John told him, “Everything is going somewhere, everything.”  And the boy took the bite. 

There have been so many times that I have been given a fresh new apple by the universe, by this Higher Power that loves my existence, and I just let it drop to the ground.  I want to recognize each day as a fresh new gift, and learn to live in the moment of each bite, make it apart of me.

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