Endigar 83

I picked up a stomach virus, with all the wonderful symptoms of flu.  My sick mind reverts back to some of my old religious perspectives and I begin to wonder what I am being judged for.  Then comes the dark feeling of being absolutely alone.  I am judged and ignored, left to live out a tragic comedy for the royal assemblage in heaven.  Where the hell does this crap come from!  It took some work to get out of it.  Sponsee 2 called and left a message.  “I heard that you have gotten that stomach flu that everyone is coming down with.”  I am not being picked on.  And it is giving me some much needed time off from work to get my military records together.  To focus on life beyond Wal-mart.  My Higher Power may be working on a re-integration program.  Getting me back into life.  Either way, I really do have acceptance issues.

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