Endigar 82

I heard in a sales meeting once that people are generally more motivated by the fear of losing than they are excited about the prospect of gaining an opportunity.  When I first put in my notice at this present job, I really sensed an intuitive nudge and an assurance in the rightness of time.  I also knew that I had totally lost heart in what I was doing, and my disease seemed to manifest when I could not give up on something even if it was killing me to hang on to it.  My life had been more strongly driven by fear than excited by opportunity.  I learned to appease and to hide.  This time, I am my own best friend.  I am who I am, and sometimes I am going to make mistakes.  But I am not going to hide out.  I may not be totally free of fear, but I am free of thinking fear is the same as morality.

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