Endigar 75

Are you about finished with those questions?  Good grief.

Just a few more.  Here is the next one:

10.  Has the fear of economic insecurity left you?

No, not completely.  I know this is a trust issue with my Higher Power and I am actively working on this.  I received a promise tonight through an intuitive journal.  My one year tag is going to be a prosperity guarantee.  I know, that could be a misread on my part and if you hear God promise to move a mountain, make sure to bring a shovel.  I know this.  But when I can trust HP on this, the fear leaves me.  I actually look forward to testing the reality of this promise.  Ultimately, serenity must not be dependant on outer circumstances.  But I think serenity, this trust in the magic of the universe, does have an impact on the physical environment.  Whatever is happening on the inside gets reflected on the outside.  Such is my hope. 

I went to my first Al Anon meeting tonight, with Sponsee One.  The speaker was someone I had just made amends to.  I think I need to take advantage of that.  He has invited me to a men’s only Al Anon meeting nearby.  Maybe so.

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