Endigar 69

I went out with my daughter to the dollar theatre and saw the movie Hancock.  It was such a perfect parable of what I am going through and gave me some unexpected insight.  The PR rep is the good man that I do not want to be and for the reasons that were demonstrated in the movie.  Yet he is there and as persistant as that PR man.  And Hancock is that hard edge, the darker (sorry Will, that wasn’t a racial slur) side.  And of course sobriety is not his strong suit.  And the unexpected strength of the good man’s wife is Lady Recovery.  Go see the movie and you will see the unbelievable parallel. 

INSIGHT:   The good guy and the asshole can actually support one another, as long as the asshole maintains his distance from Lady Recovery.  It is not a one or the other prospect, a mutually exclusive inevitability.  I am amazed how many times the Higher Power uses movies to demonstrate profound truths to me.  Star Trek and Rocky have been canonized in my spiritual walk.  The raw Dominant is calm again, and Lady Recovery will have her way – a life with the good guy.

I think this qualifies as my Higher Power doing for me what I could not do for myself.

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