Endigar 023

Yesterday, I secured 9 months sobriety.  I picked up my CA tag tonight.  I am absolutely amazed.  I am at a loss for words tonight, maybe because I have plunged into the excesses of gluttony at IHOP with that wonderful Colorado Omelet.  Maybe it is because I know I have to get back up in a few hours for work.  Regardless of the steady drumbeat of life’s marching orders, I feel a sense of reverence and awe, a moment of quiet intensity that moves beyond reflection.  I have truly experienced something greater than myself, that is working for me.  Prior to this day, I have experienced many greater powers that have worked against me, stood in line to rape me, exploiting my devotion.  Now I am aware of a Higher Power that seems to give a damn about what I give a damn about.  Thank-you Jon.  Good Night.

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