Endigar 650 ~ Problem Solving

From the Daily Reflections of December 27;

“Quite as important was the discovery that spiritual principles would solve all my problems.”   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 42)

Through the recovery process described in the Big Book, I have come to realize that the same instructions that work on my alcoholism, work on much more. Whenever I am angry or frustrated, I consider the matter a manifestation of the main problem within me, alcoholism. As I “walk” through the Steps, my difficulty is usually dealt with long before I reach the Twelfth “suggestion,” and those difficulties that persist are remedied when I make an effort to carry the message to someone else. These principles do solve my problems! I have not encountered an exception, and I have been brought to a way of living which is satisfying and useful.





Absolutes are scary.  And to me they are repulsive.  It seems to me that it is an indication that we are playing God when we can easily spout out absolutes.  “…spiritual principles would solve ALL my problems.”  I have not yet experienced all my problems and do not have the capacity to know that such a statement is true.  Yet when that absolute is transformed to “These principles do solve my problems!  I have not encountered an exception…”, that is based on the experience of a mortal man who is excited about how effective the principles of the Steps are in his life.

So I can say that the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps of AA have proven effective in my own life to keep me sober.  They also lay the groundwork for even greater depth of character and usefulness in my life.  That is keeping it real and truthful.

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