Endigar 648 ~ At Peace with Life

From the Daily Reflections of December 25;

Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities. “How can I best serve Thee — Thy will (not mine) be done.”   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 85)

I read this passage each morning, to start off my day, because it is a continual reminder to “practice these principles in all my affairs.” When I keep God’s will at the forefront of my mind, I am able to do what I should be doing, and that puts me at peace with life, with myself and with God.





Following the will of God means that you seek your Higher Power for direction and make your daily living a matter of following what you understand those directives to be.  It implies communications, with an emphasis on increased skill in hearing and discipline in limiting what we say or petition our Higher Power for.  It is my understanding that those seeking the daily will of Gomu (God of my understanding) use one of four approaches, or a combination of them all.  They are the Logos Leggers, the Mystic Mergers, the Synchronistic Bump-a-longs, and the Iconic Visualization and Replacement Performers.

The Logos Leggers are those who do not trust listening to voices in their heads because of past problems with mental or psychological problems similar to dissociation disorders.  So they are dedicated to some form of Sacred or Trusted text, such as the Big Book or the Bible or the like.  Their morning meditations amount to study sessions.  They are able to trust God to speak primarily in this fashion and are quite wary of other approaches.  They tend to think of the guidance of God as a revelation of written mission orders to be fulfilled.

The Mystic Mergers expect to develop the ability to hear an internal guiding voice, and that all revealed directives are designed to foster spiritual intimacy between the mortal and their God.  They expect mystical connections that transform their sensitivities so that they can communicate with the Higher Power on a continuous basis.  They expect to move to a state of transcendence, and thus the goal is transformation.  It is all about the relationship.

Synchronistic Bump-a-longs are similar to the Mystic Mergers, except they seek to become aware of a path that leads them to a child-like trust of God as an all encompassing force.  They seek a state of morning serenity and then look throughout the day for magical hints to pull them along a path.  The goal is to become trusting and sensitive to omnipresence of Gomu (God of my understanding).  These people tend to put more emphasis on hear God through other people.

Finally, the Iconic Visualization and Replacement Performers see a central figure as the one you visualize and seek to become, replacing all personal expressions with attempts to become whatever you favorite icon is. You imagine how your Icon would behave in your place and you seek to emulate that icon.

I have done all four and often do a combination in my personal approach.  The Mystic Merger is my personal favorite.



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