Endigar 599 ~ Going With the Flow

From the Daily Reflections of November 6;

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him. . . .   (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 96)

The first words I speak when arising in the morning are, “I arise, O God, to do Thy will.” This is the shortest prayer I know and it is deeply ingrained in me. Prayer doesn’t change God’s attitude toward me; it changes my attitude toward God. As distinguished from prayer, meditation is a quiet time, without words. To be centered is to be physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally focused and spiritually aware.

One way to keep the channel open and to improve my conscious contact with God is to maintain a grateful attitude.  On the days when I am grateful, good things seem to happen in my life. The instant I start cursing things in my life, however, the flow of good stops. God did not interrupt the flow; my own negativity did.




I am not able to maintain connection with Gomu (God of my understanding) if I view the relationship as distant and demanding.  Like all my relationships, there are up days and down days.  There are times when I can connect and I am able to walk on fire and water with my Higher Power.  Then there are times that my anxiety bubbles up like a salsa laden stomach acid and all I can do is grab hold of any discipline I can remember.  I really do not wish to lash out at God, but sometimes it is the most intimate thing I can do in my spiritual walk.  If I was God, I would manipulate the hell out of me to get me to do what needs to be done.  I would wake me up in the morning and slap my face hard so that my first thought is “thy will be done.”  My God has chosen a less intrusive approach than my previous god in a bottle.  So, Gomu’s Will be done.

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