Endigar 559 ~ Love Without Strings

From the Daily Reflections of September 28;

Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.  (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 89)

Sponsorship held two surprises for me. First, that my sponsees cared about me. What I had thought was gratitude was more like love. They wanted me to be happy, to grow and remain sober. Knowing how they felt kept me from drinking more than once. Second, I discovered that I was able to love someone else responsibly, with respectful and genuine concern for that person’s growth. Before that time, I had thought that my ability to care sincerely about another’s well-being had atrophied from lack of use. To learn that I can love, without greed or anxiety, has been one of the deepest gifts the program has given me. Gratitude for that gift has kept me sober many times.





I am surprised at how much I want to know this reality.  I want to be able to do and feel all of this.  I remember in a galaxy far, far away a group I admired while in the military.  They were called the Navigators, founded by Dawson Trotman.  He died lifting up another.  Why does that appeal to me?  It just seems like a good death.  It even seems like it might be a good life.  I liked the Navigators pragmatic approach to spirituality and see that duplicated in the 12 step recovery program.  Is it a real possibility?  It makes a good story.

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