Endigar 530 ~ A Unique Program

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

Alcoholics Anonymous will never have a professional class. We have gained some understanding of the ancient words “Freely ye have received, freely give.” We have discovered that at the point of professionalism, money and spirituality do not mix.   (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 166)

I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous stands alone in the treatment of alcoholism because it is based solely on the principle of one alcoholic sharing with another alcoholic. This is what makes the program unique. When I decided that I wanted to stay sober, I called a woman who I knew was a sober member of A.A., and she carried the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to me. She received no monetary compensation, but rather was paid by staying sober another day herself. Today I could ask for no payment other than another day free from alcohol, so in that respect, I am generously paid for my labor.




I hope that I can be of help to others.  I hope that I can stay awake from that stupor of isolated selfishness.  I know that it is miraculous to be among the living.   I cannot imagine taking money and doing anything that might impede someone else from escaping hell.  I am no saint, but there is something profound in giving when you know what you have been granted.  I pray that my life is useful.  That’s all.

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