Endigar 502 ~ Seeds of Faith

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

Faith, to be sure, is necessary, but faith alone can avail nothing. We can have faith, yet keep God out of our lives.   (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 34)

As a child I constantly questioned the existence of God. To a “scientific thinker” like me, no answer could withstand a thorough dissection, until a very patient woman finally said to me, “You must have faith.” With that simple statement, the seeds of my recovery were sown!

Today, as I practice my recovery – cutting back the weeds of alcoholism – slowly I am letting those early seeds of faith grow and bloom. Each day of recovery, of ardent gardening, brings the Higher Power of my understanding more fully into my life. My God has always been with me through faith, but it is my responsibility to have the willingness to accept His presence.

I ask God to grant me the willingness to do His will.




In recovery I have been a lazy skeptic.  A scientific skeptic is proactively attempting to remove fallacious thinking from a theory to get as close to the truth as possible.  A lazy skeptic is one who has a habit of using intellect to shoot down areas of accountability.  A lazy skeptic is a professional critic of life.  Everyone is struggling to put together a mythology that works in their lives.  For me to have a mythology that worked in my life, I had to give up the role as professional critic and gather what bits I could find, and assert to myself what I believe is real, and my mythology had to include a Loving God. Something that I can hold onto.

This is why smart people have such a hard time in recovery. They have enough intellect to shoot down the working mythology of others. I do believe there is a loving God out there, yet the goal of this holographic universe is to develop a working mythology that allows us to overcome our lower self destructive versions and allows us to become a higher version of ourselves, one that can be helpful to others.

The way from lazy skeptic to scientific one is open-mindedness and work, I think.

[ My Definition of a Working Mythology ]

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