Endigar 482 ~ Surrender and Self- Examination

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive.

Thus I think it can work out with emotional sobriety. If we examine every disturbance we have, great or small, we will find at the root of it some unhealthy dependency and its consequent unhealthy demand. Let us, with God’s help, continually surrender these hobbling demands. Then we can be set free to live and love; we may then be able to Twelfth Step ourselves and others into emotional sobriety.   (The Language of the Heart, page 238)

Years of dependency on alcohol as a chemical mood-changer deprived me of the capability to interact emotionally with my fellows. I thought I had to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-motivated in a world of unreliable people. Finally I lost my self-respect and was left with dependency, lacking any ability to trust myself or to believe in anything. Surrender and self-examination while sharing with newcomers helped me to ask humbly for help.




Ultimate Goal:  Stability of Emotional Sobriety.

Training Goal:  Capability to interact emotionally with my fellows.

1.  Lose faith in isolated self-reliance, isolated self-sufficiency, and isolated self-motivation in a world of unreliable and uncontrollable people. (I am powerless over my emotions and my relationships have become unmanageable).

2.  Examine every disturbance to find root of unhealthy dependency and consequent unhealthy demand.  Prayer radio in for supernatural intervention to counter destructive dependencies and demands.  (Came to believe in God who could restore me to Sanity, which is life based on truth).

3. As Higher Power intervenes, exercise freedom to live and love, twelfth stepping myself and others into emotional sobriety.  (Made a decision that will lead to action; a decision to turn will and emotional lives over to God).

I see that this process implies connection with others who desire this goal of emotional sobriety, a habit of self-examination, and a surrender to prayerful contact with Gomu (God of my understanding).


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