Endigar 468 ~ Experience: The Best Teacher

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

Being still inexperienced and having just made conscious contact with God, it is not probable that we are going to be inspired at all times.   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 87)

Some say that experience is the best teacher, but I believe that experience is the only teacher. I have been able to learn of God’s love for me only by the experience of my dependence on that love. At first I could not be sure of His direction in my life, but now I see that if I am to be bold enough to ask for His guidance, I must act as if He has provided it. I frequently ask God to help me remember that He has a path for me.



It is possible, I believe, to learn from the experience of others.  It takes empathy, humility, and getting tired of the painfully slow process of learning in isolation.

“Though there is no way of proving it, we believe that early in our drinking careers most of us could have stopped drinking.”  (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 32)

“We, who are familiar with the symptoms, see large numbers of potential alcoholics among young people everywhere.  But try to get them to see it!”  [Footnote; True when this book was first published.  But a 2003 U.S. / Canada membership survey showed about one-twelfth of A.A.’s were thirty and under.]”

The high bottom phenomenon has developed in abstinence and can develop to produce the simple faith necessary to find the spirituality that makes us happily sober.

I do not want to have to test every aspect of this process if it is not necessary.  Many of us have suffered and fallen, and hopefully we can secure their experience for the group, and for ourselves.

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