Endigar 419 ~ . . . And Forgive

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

Under very trying conditions I have had, again and again, to forgive others – also myself.  (As Bill Sees It, page 268)

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others are just two currents in the same river, both hindered or shut off completely by the dam of resentment. Once that dam is lifted, both currents can flow. The Steps of A.A. allow me to see how resentment has built up and subsequently blocked off this flow in my life. The Steps provide a way by which my resentments may – by the grace of God as I understand Him – be lifted. It is as a result of this solution that I can find the necessary grace which enables me to forgive myself and others.




I feel very hopeful today.  I suspect that a life flowing with forgiveness might be more powerful than one bound by judgment, condemnation, and resentment.  I want discipline in my life that comes from a trust for God, myself, and those who dwell in my intimate sphere.  I am tired of the sad discipline that is gained from the harsh whip of an internal judge, that feeds me a steady diet of self-loathing and dreams of escape.

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