Endigar 368 ~ No One Denied Me Love

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

On the A.A. calendar it was Year Two . . . A new-comer appeared at one of these groups . . . He soon proved that his was a desperate case, and that above all he wanted to get well. . . . [He said], “Since I am the victim of another addiction even worse stigmatized than alcoholism, you may not want me among you.”  (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pages 141-42)

I came to you – a wife, mother, woman who had walked out on her husband, children, family.  I was a drunk, a pill-head, a nothing.  Yet no one denied me love, caring, a sense of belonging.   Today, by God’s grace an d the love of a good sponsor and a home group, I can say that – through you in Alcoholics Anonymous – I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a woman.  Sober.  Free of pills.  Responsible.

Without a Higher Power I found in the Fellowship, my life would be meaningless.  I am full of gratitude to be a member of good standing in Alcoholics Anonymous.



I carry a bit of anxiety with me most of the time.  It is taking longer than I would like to work on it and make serenity a way of life rather than of series a events.  That anxiety often manifests most strongly in social situations.   It is hard for me to connect.  I imagine that is not an uncommon situation for the alcoholic / addict.  I discovered that certain social rituals are meant to encourage members to risk opening up.  “My name is Whoever and I am an alcoholic.”  The group responds, “Hello Whoever.”  We hold hands to establish our physical link to establish our circle of mutual protection during the prayer.  In service and sponsorship we make connections and gain courage to share our reality and to taste the message of recovery.  The 12 Step Fellowship has given me some of the closest friends I have ever had.  I am hopeful.

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