Endigar 329 ~ The Mask I Wear

The Mask

The red terms within the Mask is what I would like to convey.  The blue terms surrounding it are the why I should wear it.  The black writing are two trains of thought where the Mask proves helpful.  The term Trush is one I created to express the fact that people give you about 5 minutes to express the truth of who you are before they lose interest and begin to use  interactive disengagement strategies.  Trush = truth (as you know it) + rush.   It is a very rare occasion when it is helpful to remove the Mask, because communication is a fragile thing.

Blue Terms Explained:

WORTHY – I think Jesus said it best in Matthew 7.   “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”  True and open conversation belongs in the temple of mutual respect.

PROTECTION – Sometimes, when you reveal too much, you make others complicit in you life ambitions and assertions.  You may have come to peace with whatever you conspire to do in order to survive and thrive, but to pull others into your confidence and assume that they will be at peace with it as well, without establishing a history of mutual trust and respect, could create unnecessary dilemmas in your associations.

TEMPORARY – There are some relationships that are clearly temporary in nature.  The association is based on the completion of a common goal.  The Mask prevents the accomplishment of the mission from hitting roadblocks of intimate expectations.  Do not invest yourself in a relationship that does not have the ability or need for long term commitment.  Finish the job.  Get in and get out.  The Mask will help you focus.

TRUSH – This term has been explained above.  It’s application to the Mask is that you develop a quick summary story or hint about yourself in introductory interactions, and then disengage.  The Mask fights the need to become intimate with the masses.  You should become sensitive to those who probe for greater connection after they have received your trush.

DISCRETION – This is the practice of respecting the bubble of tolerance that surrounds other people.  There are religious and security and privacy sensitivities that we all have.  I resist talking about my sexual life in public.  I also cover my sneezes and hide my farts while out and about.  I do not pick my nose, scratch my balls, dig in my ass, or perform coitus or sexual groping while in casual display to the passers-by of daily living.  Cursing or explicit language within the hearing of young children, and adults who are repulsed by it, is another such unacceptable situation.  I am sure you can think of other incidents where you would like to have seen some discretion exercised out of respect for your own sensitivities.  If you claim to have no such sensitivities, then I would assert that you are also lacking in self-respect and need to work that out with your Higher Power, your sponsor, and / or your spiritual – psychological counselor(s).


These are guiding terms I use and I acknowledge that there are exceptions to every rule.

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