Endigar 269

As I awaken, some thoughts. 

There are levels of consciousness achieved with the holograph of our existence.  Its progression is  not linear, like a ranking, but levels of empowerment to reach out and connect.  That is the nature of empowerment in our universe.

For the ease of discussing the concept, lets say that our current level of consciousness is level zero.  That the collective consciousness of the human species is level one, and the consciousness of our divided life complex, the single cell, is consciousness level negative one.  Now lets just say that the accumulation of all infinity produces consciousness level infinity and we know this as God, the God of order.  Now lets say that the infinite void of all consciousness is level negative infinity, or what we have arithmetically touched on as Zero.  This is also God.  The God of chaos.  This produces balance in nature, and works like opposing muscles in the body.  On an infinite continuum, any point can be the center, and thus every point of existence can be your center.  It only requires that you achieve your self-awareness at that point.  Thus we are given creative flexibility by learning to shift our center. 

Now our level one consciousness, our collective soul, establishes the context for the existence of other beings we commonly identified as gods and demons and the such.  These are not the same as the infinite God of order and chaos.  But we tend to have more interaction with them.  They represent our various cultural ideas, but do take on a life of their own.  Our emotions that tend to be more destructive such as anger, fear, and despair also take on life as a hierarchy of demons in negative level one.  Selling your soul to the devil is a way of connecting to a negative level one entity.  But it must contain the emotion which empowers it to be successful.  It appears to me that the despair of death and judgment finds its personification in the Satan.  A deal with the devil is then a spiritualized suicide pact.  In some way we have given up on ourselves.  And we seek empowerment from negative level one.  This process into the negative consciousness leads to the extermination of body and soul, it dissemination into chaos.

But there is a process of transcending if we can connect with the infinite level.  This pull into the infinite shifts our center toward level one, which then becomes our new level zero.  This transcending shift is not to be confused with the creative shift of our center I mentioned earlier. 

A pact of overcoming with the infinite God draws our center outward into greater connectivity, manifest in greater usefulness. 

Thus the act of making amends increased my connectivity.  It was an act of transcending. 

So if I where to expend my life force to move toward the negative infinite, I could experience power by “selling my soul” to the devil.  That power would be explosive, as I would be moving against the flow of nature, and would go into negative level one, dividing into individual sells and disseminating my life energy into the void to be caught up and re-used for other expressions of life.  Because of the level of self-awareness I have achieved, I would be embraced by the infinite, and on some level I might still be aware of being dumped into the void of God, the great Zero.  That would be hell.

But on the other hand, if I capture the emotions, the passions, that are most useful in connecting with others and create a pact of overcoming, a determination to transcend, my center will be shifted toward level one.  To my fellows, I will become a god.  Not the infinite God.  But a level one god. 

At this point, let me qualify that I will not escape the process of death and aging as long as I remain connected with my species who still gravitate toward negative level one.  In a perfect world, we would all seek to shift outward, to connect with one another, and all other life, we would all overcome together.  I believe that if that ever happens, we will transcend several levels toward the infinite very quickly.  Being gods would become our “normal” existence.

I think that the Infinite One has listened to my rant, seen past my defiance, and given me hope and that this is wisdom drawing me to transcend.  I also know that this effort stands a greater chance of success if you, who are reading, are also given this hope, and that somehow, you are committed to transcending, to the shift of your center toward greater empowerment.

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