Endigar 252

So, the Higher Power must be more than a concept.  There has to be a very real interaction with a very real entity of some form that is connected to and at least influences all power and knowledge, and that has an obsession for me that would pass for love.  Without those characteristics, the Higher Power becomes irrelevant.  If I must pick and chose when the Higher Power can be trusted and where I have to step in and make up for His inadequacies, then the Higher Power becomes merely a concept that I give lip service to.  And something my disease will fashion to accomodate a relapse.  He truly is everything or nothing.

If this is too much for you to swallow, as it often is for me, it is quite workable to go at this piecemeal, to test the waters and accumulate your own undeniable experiences.  I have a few that I have to remind myself of.

As far as this blog goes, I will converse with anyone who comments.  But unless I am just overwhelmed with an epiphany, I will not continue writing here.  I will not initiate it.  You the reader, or Gomu Himself will motivate any further contributions on my part. 

Thank-you for the opportunity to share.

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