Endigar 242

The Big Book study went on for about three hours.  Ten men gathered.  Someone made a comment that I had not heard before, but made me think. 

“If you have been able to live a life that accommodates the disease of alcoholism or addiction, you have had to become very good at one skill in particular; the ability to lie to yourself, and convince you to believe that it is true.  The process of being free from the domination of the disease is the process of fearlessly facing truth and smashing self-delusions.  And we are so good at this one skill of self-deception, that we cannot be free of it on our own.  Effective truth can only be received in a context of trust and fearless self-appraisal.”

I am tired and am going to let this be the last word of the day.  I am exhausted.  But it has been a really good day.  Even if I missed seeing Dr. House.

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