Endigar 213

My new sobriety date remains 16th June 2009.  I am still alive.  I have been doing well, got to spend some wonderful time with both my slave and my daughter.  I am tired.  I made a meeting to escape the sudden appearance of the obsession.  I am trying to move forward with the 4th step.  I will load my progress here.  Remember that I am 100% complete on the first 3 columns, and am trying to finish the 4th column on the Resentments.  I have not touched Fear or Sexual Sanity yet.

I was at 28.8% complete on that 4th column.

It is 10:21 pm central and I am not at 30.3%.

It is 10:35 pm and I am at 31.8%.

It is 10:56 pm and I am at 33.3%.

It is 11:32 pm and I am at 34.8%.

It is 11:45 pm and I am at 36.4%.

It is 12:03 am, 22nd of June, and I am at 37.9%.

It is 12:42 am and I am at 39.4%.

It is 12:57 am and I am at 40.9%.

I have finished those resentments associated with God.  I think I am going to go to bed.

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