Endigar 206 ~ The Conner Creed for Recovery



Come with me if you want to live


{Step One}

Listen and Understand

That Terminator, our Disease, is out there

It can’t be bargained with

It can’t be reasoned with

It doesn’t feel pity

Or remorse

Or fear

And it absolutely will not stop … ever!

Until you are dead


Come with me if you want to live


{Step Two}

It was suddenly so clear

The Terminator, the HP, would never stop, it would never leave him.

And it would never hurt him

It would never shout at him

Or get drunk and hit him

Or say it was too busy to spend time with him

It would always be there.

And it would die to protect him.

This thing, this machine, this recovery process, was the only one of all the would-be fathers that came and went over the years

that measured up

In an insane world

It was the sanest choice.


Come with me if you want to live


{Step Three}

Our destiny was never to stop judgment day;

It was merely to survive it together

The Terminator, this God of my Understanding, knew, he tried to tell us,

but I didn’t want to hear.

Maybe the future has been written, I don’t know.

All I know is what the Terminator, GOMU, taught me;

Never Stop Fighting

And I never will … the battle has just begun


{Step Four and Beyond}


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