Endigar 173

Self pity.  Morbid self reflection.  Bruised male ego.  Fear of becoming vulnerable to the interactive reality.  Here we go again.

I may not be a god, but I am expected to be one.  This is the stretching of this program.  Of this life.  Oh sure, connect with a Power greater than yourself.  But you still have to show up, still have to keep trying against the odds, still have to keep living one day at a time.  It is one of the paradoxes of this program, accept powerlessness to embrace power. 

Spiritual development as defined in recovery is about connection, but it is also about recognizing the value of yourself .  Get up soldier!  Get the fuck up and keep fighting. 

If you don’t believe you are of value, why should I?  This program is not for those who need it, but for those who want it.


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