Endigar 166

When my children were small, beautiful, trusting faces looking to me for guidance and empowerment,  I enjoyed telling them stories as if they were real.  Their reactions were priceless.  But then, I noticed that they would invest faith in what I said, and I would have to go back and correct what I had done.  How would they know when to trust my words?  Was I doomed to sacrifice the role of story teller so that they would know that I would always tell them the truth.  They needed that from me.  But they needed the interplay of the imagination as well.  I was left with the choice of two roles because of this conflict; Father of Integrity or the Mischievous Story Teller.

A third way appeared to me.  I sat down with them and explained my dilemma as best I could.  I told them that we would have a code word between us.  If I was telling them something, and they wanted to make sure it was true, they would just say the word, ‘CRICKET,’ and I would continue my story but include crickets in it, or I would just come out and tell them it was a fictional account.  This safeword gave them the best of both worlds.  That way, if I was telling them something I believed to be true, and they said cricket, and I continued to tell them that this was a true story, they could count on it.  I never violated this arrangement with them, and I never intend to do so in the future.  And yes, they have used this safeword even as teenagers.

It is hard for me to accept an either / or proposition.  Give me two doors to chose between and I am looking for the secret panel hidden in the bookshelves.  There  must be a way that synthesizes the two apparently contradictory perspectives.  When I am told that this is the way, walk ye in it, I begin looking around for hidden treasures.  All the time I spent researching scripture I had a hunger for the occultic meanings tucked away between “Thee” and “Thou.” 

I understand why Jacob struggled with God, and demanded to know His name.  He really was just looking for his own safeword.

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