Endigar 127

I have passed my physical.  My waiver has been approved.  I went to MEPS to process the contract and sign the dotted line.  But MEPS was unable to get a doctor to acknowledge the waiver in 3 days, and, although I am approved and ready to go, it has to travel through the system and MEPS has to get some sort of special email back.  So, I am still waiting.  On a “special email” to return.  Bureaucracy!  Civilian government workers comfortable in their niche, totally useless if there is anything that requires an extra effort on their part.  I should have been in several weeks ago. 

So it is up to me to use my time to get my body ready for the physical demands that will hit me in a few months.  And I will do what I can to help bring my sponsee forward in the program.  He is doing well since we started meeting together on a regular basis and moving through the Big Book together.  I probably should have been doing that all along.  It is a learning process for us all, I guess.


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