Endigar 121

I had a good meeting tonight.  We talked about the chapter in the Big Book entitled “To the Wives.”  It really is a difficult one to relate to.  It is from another culture when divorce just wasn’t as acceptable and advising women to hang in there was not seen as ludicrous.  I’m sure the tough love of Alanon would have a difficult time relating.  I remember talking with My slave about the earlier days of My disease when she attempted to attend an Alanon meeting.  The tough love message was totally out of touch with her situation.  We really needed a group that was dedicated to those in alternative lifestyles.  Ironically, she probably would have understood this chapter better than those it was originally written for.  Submission and sobriety are both treasures worthy of protection. 

For me, I saw the discussion of the progression of the disease and some insight into what to expect at its various stages. 

I accomplished many things today, small things.  Very tired.  I have a happiness mixed with anxiety.    Come on Army, let’s get this done.  Time to sleep, I guess.

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