Endigar 98

What if the movie is right, and you get to chose if you come back again?  What if soul mates do chose to come back so they can rediscover each other?  Would I not chose to do it better this time?  Has the intelligent force of the web, this Higher Power, bent the universe to help me do it better this time?  I can accept endings as transitions, come out of my cave, and sacrifice for love’s sake.  I don’t have to condemn myself to a coward’s hell.  Surely, I can do it better this time.  Progress prior to perfection.

Maybe this explains why Barry Manilow’s song Mandy meant so much to me as a teen.  Why I was drawn to it, but hurt every time I heard it.  And Neil Diamond’s, “I am I said” had a simular affect.  And I was drawn to the spiritual concepts in Jonathan Livingston Seagull and listened to Neil’s soundtrack.  I read the book by Richard Bach on soul mates. 

Maybe all this set me up to develop a memory.  Leaving me skeptical still.

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