Endigar 96

Amends are now at 53% complete.  This evening’s amends with someone from the church I was apart of.  He said that I had never wronged him, that I owed him nothing.  He said that he had only been concerned.  He left the church eight months ago, and we actually had several areas that we related to one another.  He suggested I read a book written by his friend called, “Stop the church, I want to get off.” 

I finally watched the movie “What Dreams may Come.”  was a good image of the afterlife and a powerful romance.  But it has aroused my love.  Anyone I love, I feel it so much stronger tonight.  But I do not trust love to stay, so I would rather not feel this.  I hurt.  I cannot stop myself from weeping.  Why? 

I think I will go to bed before I embarrass myself once more.

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