Endigar 80

There is another entry in the book “As Bill Sees It” that I will include.  It is an excerpt from the Grapevine, January 1962 followed by an excerpt from one of Bill’s letters dated 1966:

“In my own case, the foundation stone of freedom from fear is that of faith:  a faith that, despite all worldly appearances to the contrary, causes me to believe that I live in a universe that makes sense.”

“When I was driven to my knees by alcohol, I was made ready to ask for the gift of faith.  And all was changed.  Never again, my pains and problems notwithstanding, would I experience my former desolation.  I saw the universe to be lighted by God’s love;  I was alone no more.”

A universe that makes sense…alone no more.  Hmmm.  Could the need to connect and the need to make sense of chaotic forces create the Higher Power imperative?  Or is connecting and making sense apart of the process of being restored to sanity?  Holy crap, I am tired.  Good night all.

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