Endigar 61

If I am vague in this communication, forgive me.  I do not wish to break the confidence of others.  But there are situations with significant people in my life that cause me great concern.  I am experiencing emotional pain tonight.  I didn’t realize it until I went to the meeting.  It surfaced, and I damn sure didn’t want to get publicly emotional.  Everything in me just wants to run, to squash the ability to feel.  But I know where that leads me.  I almost drove away from the meeting without talking to someone.  I turned around and returned to the Hut, and found one individual not otherwise involved in conversation.  I pulled him inside and let it out.  I talked and he listened.  No rose garden promises.  Just an understanding ear.  Something to shine a light on the horrors that haunt my mind. 

Alanon was mentioned again.  Probably something I should look into.

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