Endigar 51

I am an alcoholic.  Sponsee 1 is an alcoholic.  His family is caught in a web of addiction with all the insane codependent enabling.  And last night, I was confronted with the reality that someone I love is not a normal drinker.  Heavy drinker or Alcy?  I don’t know.  They have to make that decision.  But I tend to believe a boundary is being crossed in an attempt to self-medicate and drive away emotional pain.  Last night’s incident is a typical alcoholic fiasco. 

I suggested to my sponsee yesterday that he might look at going to some AlAnon meetings.  I wonder if I should do the same.  Maybe he and I could go together.  Maybe my religious addiction is really an inability to set proper boundaries, and resist manipulation.  Or maybe they are not mutually exclusive concepts.  I am in my head this morning.  I found myself wondering where my loved one hid his stash last night.  I was going to start searching for it, and then I stopped and realized the disease was actively seeking.  Warning signs all over the place.  I called my sponsor immediately, woke him up, and talked about this.  That helped.  Meetings after work for sure.  Pick up my sponsee.  Do some extra work in the BB.  Gotta go.

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