Endigar 042

To Decide


To the pale moon’s pain

To the bright sun’s fame

I will leave

I will turn my back from your glory

I’ve pulled myself out of this deliverance

I’ve gotten past your good sense

Now that I’ve found it

Now that my heart has already split

To night’s ceaseless cry

To day’s caring reply

I will take another path

This was always your story to tell

So tell it good man

And let love befall you again

Let pain forget you

For that is my place

To harness the dark thoughts that you have abandoned

To live in the shadows that you have fled

Your life will be a legend

My life will be a shadow

But never forget

I have decided

And you have not


A poem by Elizabeth Morgan

“I will take another path…” That is really resounding within.



4 Responses to “Endigar 042”

  1. cornishevangelist Says:

    This prophecy came to me this morning from the Lord, 20th July 2008. The Lord said, “I have released a host of angels, from the four corners of the earth where the four winds blow, bringing my angelic host of angels to exalt and to glorify Jesus Christ on earth. For they were created especially to glorify and exalt my only begotten Son Jesus Christ.” Thus says the Lord

  2. endigar Says:

    Billy, what is the relevance of such a prophecy to this site, or to life in general? Four corners? Four winds? and Four Dimensions? AAAAH! The earth is round, the wind is variable, and I can only identify three dimensions.

    Billy, I think that in order to exalt this Jesus on earth, that angelic host of your prophecy is going to have to be sent to accomplish the purging mentioned in Ezekiel 34.

    The name of Christ has been so smeared by self legitimizing ministries that there seem to be only false representations of that Entity left to follow in the ultimate spiritual bait and switch.

    Billy, I welcome any insite you can provide. I will respect you as a person as long as you do the same with me.

  3. cornishevangelist Says:

    Endigar, I am preaching by faith, Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

    If He is real then when you pray He will answer you.

    Amazing Grace

    I would like to share a testimony with you, I was asked to preach in . . .

  4. Billy, I find no relivance in your words. Are you presuming that I have not prayed before? That I have no past experience with this Christ? Or maybe I just do not matter enough to you for you to actually talk to me and learn who I am before you use my life, my open heart, as a podeum to proclaim that you are a preacher and you hear from God and you awoke this morning, stretched and put on your prophet cap.

    My prayer to your Jesus; please humble this one who claims to be your servant. I pray for the destruction of his body that his soul may be saved. And that he would learn to listen to the God in others.
    As you have said, “If He is real then when I pray He will answer me.”

    Good-bye Billy.

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