Endigar 036

What does courage look like?  I have seen fear in my life.  It paralyzes me.  All decision-making becomes unbearable.  I find the need to calculate the exact nature of my Higher Power.  Sleep that brings an end to the day becomes dreaded executioner of my hopes and dreams.  I cling to the day in some fruitless attempt to overpower the limits of time. 

So I invert the colors of fear and see myself moving decisively, and effectively.  I am presented with a choice, and easily chose.  I know what my day is about.  I am comfortable with my Higher Power, with whatever intuitive inspiration comes my way.  I do not fret at the passing of time, for I have been exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to do. 

Courage takes serenity as his own prize, bound and gagged and ready to render pleasure to the Master.  Ooops.  Mind traveling in another direction.  A little Me time needed.

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