Endigar 018

Just a note, I have added another question and answer to the FAQ’s. 

It was a somber meeting tonight.  A lot of people knew an individual who is currently in ICU because of this disease.  It is one of those meetings where we reflect on the persistent peril of relapse.  What can we do to strengthen our recovery?  There are basic tools, but really, there just isn’t any guarantees.  The program must be taken seriously, but is fearful diligence … I don’t know.  I guess this dose of reality is necessary.  I am more afraid of goals that never get accomplished, dreams that get filed under the fantasy section of life, and a nomadic purposelessness that seems to blow in from time to time.  I would rather life end then for it to remain impotent.  God, here I go.  morbid reflection.  I guess it is time for bed. 

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