Endigar 001

Today was so very beautiful.  Musepoint called to me.  This is a place at Oak Mountain State Park where I took my Mother before she became confined to her home and soon thereafter died.  You should have seen us pushing her wheelchair up that rocky trail, to a place beside the stream.  I told her that her only job was to just hold on to the chair.  My Father, sister, and children where with me.  She was an artist and was teaching my daughter to sketch even then.  She managed to publish a book right before she died.  It is called The Tattletale Parrot.  Her paintings surround me and my siblings.  Always so full of creative energy.

It was a quiet walk with my Higher Power and my Muse.  There is no place more sacred to me now. 

She sent me this email after that trip, that I have kept and read for encouragement:

“I wanted to thank you again for my trip yesterday.  I’m so glad you know me and my needs so well that you took me to a less traveled path so I could commune with nature…rather than a perhaps easier to reach and more visited area…with picnic tables and so on.  I didn’t need that…I needed the feeling that the forest gives me..I felt a restful and peaceful feeling in my soul…I know it wasn’t easy…Thank you son, and thank (Name of my son) and (Name of my daughter) for their part in my outing too.  Our swing was blown over last night, so we must have had wind…I wouldn’t know because I slept like a baby.  I love you all…Always, mom.”  30 Apr 2006.

Ahh geez.  I really miss her.

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